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Estelux Wonder Lift 4 ML (Lift Effect)

Estelux Wonder Lift 4 ML (Lift Effect)

Injection Area: All over the face

Function: Lifts the skin, moisturizes, is anti-oxidative, narrows the pores. It can promote collagen regeneration with various amino acids. It improves the texture of the skin and increases its elasticity. Gives a lifting effect.

HA Concentration: 15 mg/ml

Vial Volume: 4 ml (10 pieces of 4 ml in 1 box, vial)

Ingredients: 3D Mixed Hyaluronic Acid (High Medium Molecular HA-THM, HA-T, Low Molecular HA-TLM, Mini Hydrolyzed HA), Amino Acid (Proline, Tryptophan, Alanine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Aspartic Acid, Lutamic Acid), Phenylalanine, Arginine, HCl, Lysine HCl, Valine, Threonine, Histidine HCl, Serine, Methionine, Cystine, Glycine), Vitamin (A, B1, B2), Minerals (Na+).

Storage Conditions: Room temperature (2-30 degrees)

Rules of Use:

For one treatment, 1-2 vials are injected into the upper dermis or the junction of the epidermis and the dermis. A full treatment course of five times is enough.

First stage: Three times intensive treatment. An injection interval of 2-3 weeks is recommended. Longer injection intervals depend on patients.

Second stage: Twice for one month interval. Continue the treatment to strengthen the effect. Suggest an interval of 60 days, the frequency of injections depends on the patient.

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