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Our story

Established in 2003, Bioha Laboratories is one of the international companies producing medical sodium hyaluronate gel. Estelux company  BIOHA is the official distributor of Reyoungel brand in Azerbaijan. It is also an official distributor of  other brands owned by our company. As a medical and beauty solution provider, the company provides safer solutions and services for the medical and beauty industry to help our customers. Estelux brands sold in more than 30 countries include:

  • Reyongel 

  • Estelux

  • Gloskin

  • Magic Lift 

  • Wonder Fill

Estelux is a dermal filler and medical filler made from hyduronic acid. Estelux Products offer a complete solution to treat facial lines, wrinkles and lips to create a natural-looking result. It can also be used in facial sculpting and body reshaping.

Instructional Procedures
Take care

Make-up and all other cosmetics must be removed to ensure that the skin is clean before the treatment. This can be removed by using a facial cleansing lotion. Using cold water will ensure that the pores do not expand. Aspirin, Advil, etc. drugs are not taken at least 3 days before the treatment, because they can increase swelling or bleeding at the injection site. It is also recommended to avoid alcohol, fish oil, ginkgo and omegas before the treatment.

During the first day after treatment with Estelux, try to keep the face relaxed by not making any highly expressive facial movements and avoiding any strenuous exercise. It is also important not to be exposed to extreme heat (e.g. sauna, solarium, etc.) as this may reduce the longevity of the results. can Do not massage the affected area unless instructed to do so. Make-up can be reapplied immediately after the treatment.

It is important to remember to avoid the following immediately before/after treatment:

Advil, aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs, Alcohol, Fish oil, Omegas, Vigorous exercise, Extreme heat or cold.


Additional information 

Estelux, a provider of natural and aesthetic solutions...


Why Estelux?

Estelux is one of the dermal filler brands in the UK. Estelux offers a complete solution for treating facial lines and wrinkles, adding volume to the face and revitalizing the appearance of the skin.


What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural structural component of the skin and is actually present in connective tissue throughout the human body.


What are the benefits of Estelux products?

Estelux fillers are medical, safe and refreshing dermal fillers. It is minimally invasive and the results last for an average of 6-18 months.


What are the risks associated with the products?

There are very few risks during treatment with Estelux. Because Estelux is a natural filler that reduces the risk of allergic reactions.


Are there any side effects?

After the injection, the patient may experience slight redness, swelling and bruising. Side effects should not last more than a few days. Most patients have no swelling.

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